Bayo Foods Company History


Bayo Foods started out as part of Fishmongers of Michigan LLC, a seafood company. With more than 20 years of experience in the seafood production industry, we built a successful family-owned business in just 4 years, distributing seafood nationwide. Once we found our success in with seafood it made sense to move on to other markets. With a bit of love, that's where we find ourselves today, in the good grace of the grains business. We have a source from established producers worldwide ready to supply the best product for the best price to our customers.  We continue to work towards bringing skilled members to our team and improving our own skills in the process. Because of our dedicated ownership along with an outstanding team to back them, Bayo Foods is ready to deliver your grain requirements.

Our Mission Statement

"At Bayo Foods we are committed :

To our customer to provide the quality and price they are looking for. 

To our employees to offer more than jobs be part of the family with a positive and safe work environment

To our community to support and enhance the positive impact for all members. 

To ourselves as a company to built a business not only for money, built a business to create happiness for our customer, to our employees, and to our community.

We have the resources to help you grow your business by providing the highest quality and service in the industry.

We’re stewards of the land, focusing on management through biodiversity, water conservation, and soil fertility management.