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We deal in the distribution of bulk beans, along with packaged products ready for retail



  Are small and oval shaped, with an intense black skin. It's meat is cream colored, with a  sweet and earthy flavor, accompanied by a soft texture. These beans, sometimes called "black beans" (Turtle), they are used in soups, stews and sauces traditional from Latin America, the Caribbean and the southwestern United States.

Black Eye


 They are characterized by white skin with a small black spot. They have a fragrant aroma, creamy texture and a characteristic flavor. These beans, originate in Africa and are known for having a short cooking time due to the lack of a necessity to soak them.  



 Also known as chickpeas they are normally beige to pale yellow in color. They have a nutty flavor and buttery texture. They are particularly prized in the Middle East and India. Where they are consumed in dishes like hummus, falafels and curry stews.

     Great Northern


  They are white, flattened, kidney-shaped and delicately flavored. They absorb the flavor of foods with which they are cooked. Due to this they are used in France to make cassoulet (a white bean stew). They are also traditionally used to make Boston style baked beans.

  Red Kidney


   They have a pronounced flavor aa dark crimson color accompanied by a soft texture. Its most frequent use is to prepare chili with meat, and they are also consumed in salads and rice.



  They are easily and quickly prepared and impart an mild earthy flavor into the dish it is cooked in to. Lentils are particularly well known for making a great soup/stew ingredient but can also be made into a side dish, or served on the side of pasta or rice.

Beans Properties and Benefits 


   The bean has an outstanding nutritional content, very important for the human body: high protein content, many carbohydrates (good source of energy), high fiber content, low fat and healthy, many minerals (mainly calcium and iron) and vitamins (highlights vitamin complex B). Undoubtedly, the nutritional attributes of this legume directly influence the organism and the planet, providing incredible benefits.

 1) They help to lose weight without deteriorating your health. Although beans contain more than half their weight in starch, which is why they are considered fattening, they have little fat and it is healthy (1.5% to 6.2% lipids) and between 14-33 g of protein for every 100 grams of product.


  2)They benefit diabetic people. Due to its low glycemic index and high nutritional content, resulting from a perfect food for diabetics despite having a high level of starch and other carbohydrates, since they do not excessively raise glucose.


  3)They prevent constipation. Thanks to its high fiber content, which contains especially cellulose and hemicellulose, it favors both the digestive tract and generates a low glycemic index.

  4)They contribute to the planet for two reasons: beans are a great food alternative due to the high environmental impact caused by highly industrialized livestock farming and planting beans recovers and maintains poor soils (difficult to cultivate), which also favors ecology.

    Our experience in the market allows us to connect producers and consumers in the most efficient and profitable way possible. We are dedicated to delivering quality products to consumers.

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